Experimental Moving Images

Ambiguous Apogee

Ambiguous Apogee Fifi Smith

Ambiguous Apogee 2019

This is a close study of moonlight on an obscured window and a textile blind during a full moon, and the feelings this evokes. The film zones in on the intensity of the effects lunar intensity on very domestic materials.

Link    https://vimeo.com/user10634219



Anthropomorphic Anomalies 2019

This short experimental film questions the blurred relationship between logic and feelings using arrhythmic This short experimental film questions the blurred relationship between logic and feelings. Focusing in on differing human interactions with animals and using arrhythmic editing counterpointed against the build-up of a formal waltz rhythm traces the complicated relationship.

Link    https://youtu.be/T0LWvMgBhs8


Anthromorphic Anomalies

The Splendids (of Unity) 2016

This very short film is the first in a series looking at the role that ‘romance’ plays in the underpinnings and organisation of war.
Watch: The Splendids (of Unity)

Paths to Passion 2015

This is an experimental film taking a wry look at the shift in our human perception of nature brought about by a romantic perspective.

In it consideration is given to the relationship between nature, romance and anthropomorphism.
Shortlisted for the Aesthetica Film Festival

Duration  06:16
Format HD

Watch: Paths to Passion

I Missed the Kiss 2015

This film takes a wry look at the way we, as human beings, can shift our perception of reality to fit the inner workings of our emotions and how that plays how this reads into a liminal reading of sex.

Duration: 04:35

Watch: I Missed The Kiss

Exoskeleton 2012

This is a brief consideration of some of the different facets of the word exoskeleton. On another level, it is a study of the implications of the word in relation to the writer Kafka, and the philosophers Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, with a couple of film homages thrown in.

Most recently screened:-2018 at the Dupont Underground as part of the Solas Nua Exhibition Washington DC
from March 12th- April 31st as part of the Solas Nua Exhibition

The Drips of Aherlow 2012

The subject of ‘the Drips of Aherlow’ is explored through observation of the strange movement of drops of water while I was camping  in the Glen of Aherlow in the Galtee Mountains, Tipperary, Ireland in the very very wet ‘Summer’ of 2012.

While unable to leave my tent while camping in the Glen of Aherlow in the Galltee Mountains, in Ireland, I watched and listened to the raindrops. They brought a strange mesmeric effect and gradually I began to feel a drama unfolding before my eyes.


Watch: The Drips of Aherlow

The Home Guard of Sector 1 2012

The dogs of Bucharest are a recurring topic of commentary in Romania, and there is speculation as to how they got there. One story is that they were brought to Bucharest by Phanariote Greeks in the 18th century. Another story is that they were left behind when 30,000 homes were demolished to make way for Ceausescu’s enormous palace in the 1980s.

In 2012, some dogs had been adopted by householders, whilst others roamed the streets,   – insiders and outsiders both.

Watch: The Home Guard of Sector 1