The artist

Originally qualified as an architect, Fifi Smith has been a practicing artist since 1995. Her first solo show was in 1998. Her work has evolved through many media over the years, but it always aims to express her conceptual and emotional preoccupations through the language of materials and making. 

Her current work is in the form of light works, kinetic installations and experimental film.  She also creates public artworks in copper and steel.

Her work has been shown in Barcelona, Beijing, London, Manchester, Washington, and throughout Ireland.


Example of recent multimedia work

The Bearer 2023


Fifi Smith is the founder and director of the Irish Artists' Film Index Index.  See www.irishartistsfilmindex.ie

Fifi is a membember of  Grid Collective.  See www.gridcollective.ie

Email: fifismith@gmail.com
Mobile: +353 (0)87 9089538

The work in progress

In this installation I will be delving into how human appreciation of the changes on planet earth over aeons is fettered by the tiny duration of our individual human lifespan and the knowledge of where we live.

It takes millinia to expose an overview of the pattern of history and geography on this earth. Human life is very short compared to that. This installation will focus on the human interior awareness of these enormous upheavals from the perspective of the an individual lifespan. 

This is an installation consisting of five works in a variety of media. A digital film, a watercolour map, a slide projection, a light box, and a projection using a bespoke kinetic machine. All of the works will cross-reference each other within the installation. The sixth ingredient will be how the installation as a whole will possess the gallery space. The choice of such varied media is made in order to create an ‘atmosphere’. The installation will read at a number of different levels, depending how the visitor absorbs what they see. Each medium bringing out a particular ‘feel’ from the overall theme.

projection from Vitriuos kinetoscope made for the installation -Still Image-