Fifi Smith is a visual artist living and working in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Originally she trained and worked as an architect. She has been a practicing artist since 1995. Her first solo show was in 1998. Her work has evolved through ceramics to bronze to steel, and then to mixed media installations. Her current work is in the form of experimental film, and kinetic light installations.

Her film work uses collages of her experimental footage often treated with special effects and some animation.

Fifi Smith explores the shifting balance between emotion and reason in human behaviour through the areas of tension between mass behavior and individuality and linked to this, human motivation.

Her work has been shown in Barcelona, Bucharest, Bejiing, as well as Washington DC, London and Manchester.  In Ireland she has exhibited in Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Belfast, Galway and Kildare.